All of Kate's books are standalones with one primary couple, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. However, series books usually build on each other and later books may spoil earlier ones. 

Suggested Reading Order

Rookie Rebels

  1. Good Guy
  2. Instacrush
  3. Man Down
  4. Foreplayer
  5. Dear Roomie
  6. Rebel Yule
  7. Jock Wanted
  8. Superstar
  9. Wild Ride

Hot in Chicago Rookies

  1. Coming in Hot (bonus novella, available with series bundle, can be read at any time)
  2. Up in Smoke
  3. Down in Flames
  4. Hot to the Touch

Laws of Attraction

  1. Down with Love
  2. Illegally Yours
  3. Then Came You

Hot in the Kitchen

  1. Feel the Heat
  2. All Fired Up
  3. Hot and Bothered

What about your other series not mentioned here or sold in your store?

The rights to some of my series (original Hot in Chicago, original Chicago Rebels, and Tall, Dark, and Texan) are held by various publishers. Because we can't sell them in the Kate Meader Store, we haven't listed them here. Some of those older series are connected to the more current series. Learn more about the Reading Order for those books on Kate's official website.